How to brighten VCT floors

You will find a variety of floor pads available for cleaning VCT, having said that the introduction of the melamine floor pad has taken “clean” to a complete new level. When the floor is clean, we always suggest a burnishing pad with an ultra high-speed machine to attain higher gloss.
– Juliana Mazziero,
advertising and marketing coordinator, Americo Manufacturing Co., Inc., Acworth, Ga.

If vinyl composition tile (VCT) has dulled, most likely this really is because it has not been maintained effectively. And when not all stains might be removed, quite a few can with correct and effective cleaning.

The initial step in restoring dull VCT is usually to clean it utilizing a neutral floor cleaner. A neutral floor cleaner may have a pH of about 7, although an all-purpose cleaner and a lot of other kinds of floor cleaners might have a pH of 10, 11, or greater, producing the item considerably more alkaline. This greater alkalinity can strip away the finish on VCT flooring, leaving it hunting dull and unattractive.

The following step, removing stains within the tile, may be addressed by the kind of floor care gear used to clean the floor. A rotary-type method can operate properly at removing surface-level marks and stains. Even so, if the stains are a lot more deeply embedded in the grout with the floor or the pores of your tile, a additional efficient alternative would be to make use of a cylindrical brush program. The explanation for this really is the brush. Because the brush rotates it can dig deep into grout and pores, literally pulling soils out from the floor for extra effective and really usually fairly quick removal.

With all the floor now clean, a floor finish need to be applied. Not only will this assist restore the shine, but it will aid protect the floor from heel marks and future soiling. Use a high-quality finish; permit for sufficient drying time, which could possibly be as much as 24 hours, to let the finish adequately solidify; and apply at least three thin coats. The shine will probably be most noticeable after the third coat.
– Jolynn Kennedy,
advertising director, Tornado Industries, West Chicago, Ill.

Brightening stained tiles is generally accomplished by way of use of distinct chemical compounds. For instance, you will discover unique spray buff merchandise created to become applied with floor machines that could enable bring back shine or eliminate stains from VCT tile. Additionally to the chemical angle you can also use autoscrubbers that will take away embedded dirt and discoloration by removing the major layers of finish from your floor.

Usually the dullness and staining is embedded only inside the top layers so by removing these dirty layers of finish you could apply a two to 3 new coats and return your floor to a significantly much better look. In situations where the stain has penetrated deep in to the floor finish a chemical strip out could possibly be necessary.
– Scott Keller, vertical
market manager-commercial buildings, Bob Abrams, item manager, Brian Simmons, item manager, Clarke, Plymouth, Minn.

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